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March 13, 2012

Fundraiser Results

The fundraiser went really well! At first I was a bit nervous, it’s been a while since I’ve done a set longer than 3 songs all by myself, so singing for 25 minutes with just backing tracks was a little nerve wracking.  I’ve done longer sets before, up to an hour at a time, but those are usually with another player. I don’t feel quite so exposed when someone is on stage with me.

Of course, once I got up there everything went fine. I didn’t majorly flub any lines or go horrifically out of pitch. And it seemed like the audience genuinely appreciated me. It’s funny, dinner gigs are entirely different than when people come to just see you. It’s not like a rock concert where most everyone is there specifically to see you. Most people barely look up from their table, so it can feel like you’re singing to no one.

Luckily, there were several people there who really dug my performance and who contributed to the benefit! We raised close to $700 for Linda, and we all know that every cent counts when it comes to medical bills. Linda was REALLY sweet too. It was hard to believe that she was old enough to be Lindsay’s mom, she had such a youthful positive personality. I don’t think I could be half as strong as her if I was battling cancer.

After my performance Elvis impersonator, Steve Davis, took the stage. Steve, errr ummm, Elvis, was great. He came out in the perfect glitzy white jumpsuit. I thought I might blind myself staring at all the rhinestones! He really worked the crowd, a skill that I need to hone. After the show Steve came out and talked to me. He is a genuinely really nice supportive guy. He took a couple of my business cards and offered me tons of advice. It’s so nice to know that I’ve got such wonderful, talented people in my corner.

Steve mentioned that I really need a band. A thing I’ve been working towards for a while. My friend KO is a fantastic drummer and he’s been really helpful offering me advice and helping me to find bandmates. My next step is to book a gig so that I can nail down some players and for some stupid reason I’m having a really hard time picking up the phone, or logging into my email to get that process started. Insecurity is stupid. I know. But it’s still hard.

Luckily, I have a wonderful support network in my friends and I have a wonderful new resource. Angela Myles Beeching wrote a fantastic book called, Beyond Talent: Creating A Successful Career In MusicThis book is everything I’ve been looking for in a career guide. It goes over subjects like networking, branding, recording, online social networking, booking gigs, attracting media attention, connecting with audiences, performing, freelancing, time management, and funding projects. It is practically everything you need to know about being a successful musician. And it was updated in 2010 so it is still fresh and current. I’m really looking forward to seeing  how it will impact my career.