So many “ABOUT” sections read like biographies, third person blurbs that are just filled with little factoids, like a eulogy delivered by a stranger. I find them cold, uninviting and they don’t even serve the purpose for which they were designed! So here’s my About Section. Written by me. And I hope that it gives my (future) readers a clear picture of who I think I am.

I was born and raised in Tulsa, OK. This city offered me quite an interested upraising. I grew up feeling like I lived in a small city with a big city feel. Having visited Chicago quite a bit, New York once, and living in St. Louis now, I can say that Tulsa did not actually have such a big city feel. But Tulsa had heart. Tulsa was like the little engine that could and did. Tulsans have quite a bit of pride in their city, and for good reason. It offers a somewhat metropolitan lifestyle with suburban comforts. I loved living in Tulsa, but I love living in St. Louis more. I’ll try to explain that better in a post someday.

I was blessed with some amazing music teachers in my life. I’ve sung in some sort of choir for most of my life and I attribute most of my versatility in style and timbre to my experiences in each of them. I went to Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. It is a small private Christian college. Their mission statement is “Greenville College transforms students for lives of character and service through Christ centered education in the liberating arts and sciences”. And I feel like they really did that for me. There are other things I wish I had gotten in my education – a stronger grasp of music theory, more life skills like networking and career planning, but I think those are just things you have to learn on the road.

I didn’t finish college. I finished all my major requirements, but I’m short about 20 gen ed credits. This annoys the piss out of me. Maybe one day I’ll have the time, the money, and the desire to do so.

I’m worried that this isn’t a very good “About Section.”

I live in St. Louis now and I have a day job as a dog groomer. I love dogs and animals in general, but it’s not what I want to do forever. I totally respect the people that do want to do it forever, though. Those people, you can tell REALLY love what they do. That’s just how I feel about music, not dog grooming.

I’m married. My husband Dan is so amazing. From the moment we met I just felt an affinity, a kinship with him (I really like this definition for affinity “an attractive force between substances or particles that causes them to enter into and remain in chemical combination”). It’s like our histories were so similar that we were made speaking the same language. My mom told me when I was young that I better find a man who’ll put up with my silliness, and I did. She also told me I was a bit shrewish and that I was gonna have to find a very patient person to put up with me, and I did.

That’s not to say that my mom wasn’t supportive of me, though. She was and still very much is. But she prefers a method of communication that I have since adopted. She rarely blunts the truth for me. She’s not shy about giving me constructive criticism. And she dedicated her life to making mine livable. My mom and I are really very close.

When I was a teenager I worked at my mom’s alterations/tailoring shop. I learned to sew when I was very young, on a Singer sewing machine and I hope to one day have the design for the Singer Model 66 Red Eye tattooed on my back. I used to go to her shop on weekend nights and take scraps of fabric and piece them together to make funky purses. It’s this experience that has led to me being a crafter, and I currently sell my accessories at burlesque shows and private parties.

I butt heads with my Dad a lot, too similar I guess, but the good moments we have are worth fighting for. He’s a funny, quirky person and I know that’s where I get my funny, quirky streak. It’s also where I get my temper and my wicked sarcastic side. My dad also taught me a lot about critically listening to music. He loves Queen, Electric Light Orchestra, and Sweet. My mom loves Simon & Garfunkel, Billy Joel, and Bette Midler. On long drives we would all listen to my parents favorite albums and pick various harmonies to sing. I still jam out to those albums.

I have two brothers, one older and one younger. They taught me to fight for what I wanted. Being the only girl sucked. And I would often have to prove my ability to play alongside them. It’s because of this that to this day I have trouble picking between the “boy toy” or “girl toy” for my Happy Meal. Yes. I still get Happy Meals.

I have two dogs right now. A female Great Dane named Penny Lane (after Kate Hudson’s Almost Famous character, not the Beatles song), and a male named Bowser (after the villain in the Super Mario Bros. series). I also currently have 4 cats and my brother-in-law and his wife living with us. It’s kind of a mad house. But we like the chaos.

My hobbies include crafting/sewing, cooking/baking, and reading. My interests are mostly in the artistic aesthetic realm. I love home decorating/interior design, writing, fashion, hair styles, mid-century and danish modern furniture, and a bit of theology. I used to want to be a Youth Director for church, but I’ve settled for just volunteering with the youth group at my church. I like teaching and vocal coaching and want to do more of that also.

And that’s about all I have time to talk about for now…


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