OK. I got my headshots back from the fantastic Carrie Meyer! She was even able to get them to me in less than a week! Miraculous! I love them all so much that it was difficult to narrow it down. In the end I got these 4 fully edited images as well as a few others that are just “soft edits.” I’ll probably put those on my Facebook page. But for now, here are the 4 best shots.

I plan to use this one as my primary promo shot. This will be on posters and included in my Electronic Press Kit.



This one I just HAD to get to show off my tattoos. I love them. And just for the curiously minded, Zach Dole at Freedom Ink Tattoo Co in Peoria IL did my tattoo at the St. Louis Old School Tattoo Convention. And Lauren Busiere at Tower Classic Tattoos did my back piece, which is based on the Model 66 “Red Eye” Singer Sewing Machine.




Everyone loved this one, which is not to imply that I didn’t love it. But I was only allowed to choose two, and everyone loved this one so much that I had to get it and pay additionally for it. It’s totally worth it. 🙂





And then this is the first edit that Carrie did as the sneak peek. I think it’s a darling photo. Although one friend said it looked like I had no eyebrows. lol…


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