Promo Kits

I’ve mentioned the book Beyond Talent before. It’s fantastic. Probably my favorite career guide ever. And right now I’m working on putting together my promo/press kit. The book is really helpful because it offers checklists of things that need to be done. “Letterhead design, bio, photo.” So that has been my focus the past few days.

Yesterday I had a photoshoot with the amazing Carrie Meyer of Insomniac Studios. Carrie is a great photographer, which is good, because I still don’t feel very comfortable in front of the camera! The purpose of the shoot was to get a few shots of me, my mic, and my tattoo. Headshots. I can’t wait to get the results and share them with everybody. The few she showed me on her display looked FANTASTIC!

I’m also working on setting up a new youtube channel so that I can send potential bookings a link to my work. It’s just a placeholder right now, but soon I will have all my videos transferred and ready to watch.

But the thing that seems most elusive is the letterhead design. I’ve been pouring through font page after font page, trying to find the right one to convey what I stand for. Something that is classy, yet casual. I tend to gravitate towards scripty handwritten fonts. But I’d love something with a retro feel. And of course, once I do pick a font I like, I’ve got to figure out if it’s public domain, or needs to be licensed.

I have seriously looked at my name written in so many different fonts that it doesn’t even look like my name anymore. But one thing I’ve realized is that it REALLY DOES matter what font you use. Each one sends a different message. I’ll show you a few.


My favorite part about this one, called Procrastinating, is that it connotes irresponsibility. This is not someone you would trust to show up on time or do a good job.
ZnikomitNo24 Name-tiff
Called ZnikomitNo24, this font is adorable, but completely irrelevant. I love it, but it’s not for me.

Inkpen is getting closer to the right track. It actually came in a font package for the program Finale. It’s the font used for jazz sheet music. But it feels a little masculine for my taste.

Dream Orphans-tiff

This one, Dream Orphans definitely seems classy. It’s clear to read. But it still feels too formal, and it’s not nearly as feminine as my stage presence is.

Aspire-tiffDancing Script-tiff

These two, Aspire & Dancing Script are definite contenders. I love the casual script. But I still don’t LOVE them for my persona. They’re missing some sort of vintage/retro edge.

Engagement-tiff Honey Script-tiff
The last two are probably my favorites. They both have a retro feel, without being kitsch or cliche. They’re both script. I love the diamond dots on the i’s of the Engagement font. But I also love the fine structure of the Honey Script. It reminds me of a retro hotel, some place Frank Sinatra would sing.

I’m still not sure which one I’ll pick, or if I’ll end up picking something entirely different. But I just thought you might enjoy seeing what this whole process looks like.

Which one do you like?


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